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Kitchen Design Service Levels

Hi there! I am Doug Bryant, owner of Design Studio for Cabinetry. I have been in the design/cabinetry business for 15 years. I am excited to try a new approach with helping all of your design needs. In doing this it will cut out a lot of the sales pressure and be more design focused. There are multiple levels of service I have to offer. If you have any questions at all, just shoot me an email here. You will receive a concept in a matter of days, not weeks!

Once you pick a service level, you can add to it in the future, only paying the difference.

Service Level 1 – ($199) – APRIL 2019 ONLY ($99)CHOOSE THIS LEVEL

This is the simplest and requires the least amount of investment.  This is for one room, typically a kitchen, but it can be a bathroom or anything you need.  Want to just try me out, go right ahead. We will collect info as even a large service level, I want to know all your desires, so I can hit the nail on the head the first time.  What you will receive is one kitchen concept, with one round of changes. You will receive a floorplan with dimensions, Elevations of all physical walls that contain cabinetry.  You will also receive two 3D line drawings, showing you as much as possible in each.  All files are in PDF form and print crisp and clear.

Service Level 2 – ($399) – APRIL 2019 ONLY ($199)CHOOSE THIS LEVEL

This level is for someone who really has a feel for what you want, but just can’t visualize it. Maybe you already have a layout drawn from Lowes or Home Depot, but really want another opinion and want to get some good color pictures of what it will look like.  This option comes with 4 rounds of changes. If I do think of a better idea, it may require we move up a service level.  I will draw it completely and send you a 3D color picture and if it is intriguing enough, you have the option to upgrade, and then I will send you the rest of the views and we can fully discuss. All files are in PDF form and print crisp and clear.

Service Level 3 – ($599) – BEST VALUE – APRIL 2019 ONLY ($399)CHOOSE THIS LEVEL

This level gets you a lot of attention, I collect all your wishes and desires just like any other project, we do a complete concept for you.  I will also wipe the room clean, and treat it as if it is literally my own kitchen. I will give you a concept that meets as many of your goal as possible, but might do something out of the box, to add a focal point, or change the flow of a kitchen. Maybe move a wall or two or close up a doorway. Let’s get creative.  All files are in PDF form and print crisp and clear. Example 360 degree panoramic

Service Level 4 (FULL SERVICE)($1000 and up) CHOOSE THIS LEVEL – This is typically 5% of the entire job.  If you have a budget of $40,000, that is $2000. If you are unaware of your budget, we will start at $1000, and will bill the balance when we settle on a realistic budget.

This level you get everything, and you get priority in terms of my time.  This is typically either a large kitchen, or an entire house with kitchen, multiple bathrooms, laundry room, maybe an office, mud room, media room.  The sky is the limit.  You get up to 10 changes per room.  You get 3D line drawings as well as full color textured renderings.  Some details do not show up in color, so most times both are necessary.  All files are in PDF form and print crisp and clear. Image examples. Example 360 degree panoramic.

Service Addons

Pair Of Changes ($99) – 2 rounds of changes – All versions are saved, so you can go back to an older thought.

Counter Top layout ($50) – A drawing you can take to a local counter top fabricator so you can get a fair comparison without making each of those companies redo this work.

Realistic Budget ($99) – I am not a contractor so my budget numbers do not include construction costs, only cabinetry, and an estimate on install labor, We can provide a counter top quote within the state of NC. And any other items we specifically discuss.  If you are a contractor or a homeowner and can install your own cabinets, I am happy giving you a price and shipping cabinets directly to your jobsite. This separates the design piece from the cost factor, but you will need a minimum of Service Level 1.

General Education ($99) – I am happy to help you understand the differences in cabinet construction, or how one brand compares to another. Or help you avoid buying cheap imported cabinetry. This does not need to be added to a service level but it is recommended to be added to at least a Service Level 1.

3D Virtual Reality Experience – ($199) – Coming Soon – We will send you a link to your phone that you can use just on your phone, slide your phone in a 3D headset.  Or if you have a VR headset that will work in some cases too.  Very Cool!


Simply send me an email to here.  Tell me about yourself, your situation, and what you think you want from me.  Basically at what Service Level do you want to start?  I will need your name, address(optional) & phone number and the email address you would like your invoice sent.  I will create you as a customer in Quickbooks, and I will create an invoice for the Service Level you choose.  You will be able to pay this online thru Quickbooks with a credit card or your bank account.  I will not directly handle your financial data.  I will only be sending you invoices and you can decide how and when you pay them.  No work will be done until the invoices are paid.  Your concept will be drawn by me personally or by one of my employees.  None of this work will be farmed out.  We have a physical showroom in Southern Pines, North Carolina if you want to come see us.  We are on Facebook, Houzz, and starting with Instagram.  I do hope you send me pictures of your kitchen when we are all complete.

I will be sending you an initial email with a number of questions, from this point we will need to start collecting dimensions, pictures, any and all information that is relevant or you think is important.  You can email me items, we can use any technology that you are comfortable with, Google Drive, Dropbox, if I don’t have it, I will give it a try.

LETS GO, get that first email rolling with your choice of service level.


  1. Maryann | April 18, 2019 6:57 pm

    Level 1

    1. Design Studio | April 19, 2019 6:52 pm

      Sent you an invoice email, and a questionnaire email. I look forward to working with you!

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